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Hello All,
We were just informed by the Inn  that due to a rush of late room reservations they are going to hold open 16  additional rooms for the Club.
They extended the cut off date to  7/20/2016 for rooms at the Club rate.
I know we all tend to put things off to the last minute (and I am most likely  the worst of all) and the Inn's generosity is greatly appreciated.
So you now  have about one extra week of 'breathing' room :)
Take care and we all are looking forward to seeing you in August for a  fabulous Rendezvous.
Steve Hammond
 President's  Message
At  this year's AGM, the attending members voted to restructure the Club's Board of  Directors, which will now be made up of three positions: I, Pauline Cook, was  elected President, while Andy Takajian and Tony Dellosso were re-elected to  continue on as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. The newly established  Executive Advisory Committee lies in the hands of Steve Hammond (membership  coordinator), Tom Harper (member at large) and Bob Walsh  (webmaster).
I  have been involved with these quirky French cars since 1960. That’s when my  father bought a 1959 ID19 (one of the early 'leakers') – and the rest is  history: They have been part of my life ever since. Over the decades, I have had  more Citroens than you could shake a Pallas hubcap at. I love those cars and  cannot see myself without one. Also, I have been an active Club member  since 1970. Time flies, and throughout the years I have been president,  secretary and treasurer, and I have also organized and managed the Club store.  
This Club is a team effort: Hence, I would like to thank  Bill Heacox, Jeremiah Mazeau and Zach Taylor for their guidance and  contributions in the past, especially for helping to hold the Club together  during this last troubled year. A special thank you also goes to Rod Pick who  continues to offer invaluable advice.
In  the future, in order to increase our appeal to more Citroen lovers, we plan to  have additional events throughout all of Southern California. Our newest member,  Bob Walsh, is currently reworking our website, which will feature interactive  services such as a Trading Post where everybody will be able to list items for  sale, or seek parts etc. for purchase. Members will also be able to submit  photos for publication. Further, hundreds of official Citroen Tech Bulletins  covering models from Tractions to XM's will soon be accessible online. We are  also in the process of digitizing past Citroen Car Club Newsletters for member  access.   
   We still need Newsletter articles from our members.  Please send them ASAP.  You  are what this club is all about.
This is not a one-way street, though – on the contrary.  We need your input to achieve our goal of a reinvigorated the Club. Therefore,  please contact and share with us what is important to you, whether as an owner  or enthusiast. Check our updated website (www.socalcitroen.com)  for future events.  Also, feel free to communicate with others on our Facebook  page. Lastly, I encourage especially our newer members to attend our upcoming  event, this year's "Rendezvous" in Santa Maria, even if is only for a Saturday  day trip. Ownership is not a requirement - but your passion or curiosity is.  Come check us out!
Pauline  Cook
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